The Meaning of:


'Not the time to be Jealous...' (yet)

This is not a normal love story, or rated individual level (e.g: occurs in daily basis, limited to own life, families and among friends only).

It is named: Top of the Game(!)

So please take time to understand that. (Of course; we can back to normal; as to what it is, like other couple are to experienced with. But that have to wait, till what's important: the Quest / Task at hand, settled. And this; needed me; to be in Pro mode, doing job / work. And you too; are not in normal position / ranked. e.g: not just ordinary people, women)

But still; I'm doing my best... (handle with care...). Yours understanding, are truly worth; the help. So; please. (Thank you.)

P.S: looking forward to be back in normal mode.

Yours Truly
the Boss, in Persona'.detail

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