Remember Me?

'I'm trying hard to keep it cool'...

But by just looking at their 'everywhere' pic. - seldom make me boils! (hard to maintain my composure). ↩detail

I guess... controlling it; to really become like them nothing happens (as they did, normally); is just not in my nature (to coupe with; really).

How to Not? When seeing someone who always said: this is their country, but at the same time neglect the true nature of what it takes to be one. The requirements of its people (citizen) and the land itself. (More toward like they ignore it. They say they don't. But many boils anyway!)

It's okay if to think this is yours (country), and then really act (and do) like one. But; even to today, my heart automatically boils when seeing them... Mean; they did not (act and do like one). Nature have detect such; are so full in them. Making 'This is Not your country' sticks. Don't say I didn't try (to take their word and act; as true). But in the end, will lead to make me even boiling! Fury.

In Animal Kingdom, it's like an instinct; (detection) when encountering something different... even though identical (sort of), surely the Lion know to recognize almost instantly: intruder! (imposter, traitor and the kind alike.) Trespasser. (Up to something fishy, not good.)

No matter how hard trying (to accept), always resulted in: nature distinctly bar from it.

(Notes: a Muppet is someone whose actual role is a Snake, or dog-like something; to a fake Singa. female one. ↩detail)

Research and Studies

--- Health info / knowledge: a dr (doctor) supposedly spent life time treating patient, in clinic, hospital, medic, etc. this one?? faka(!) | a screwed politician is not a doctor. ...sob neither both. ---