'Between the Sky and the ground!'

Meaning: when I landed (on the ground / lantai, ... not earth);

'where ya at??'

(same as; doesn't matter keturunan or what anymore. Fake. No fake. All eventually will end the same... under my foot.)

Please be reminded: this word are made for criminals, category worst. Related to a post in adrs fb (refer to know). Thank you.

--- add some more ---

Category Worst example: when lose, simply blah and pay according to self-rule... (like being asshole telling have done this done that which; never ask so; to do) + Assume will be accepted, looking good...

(ignoring the fact those stacked skeleton in the closet, already known to many... smell like strong shit miles away). Shorten: leaving the deck card (table) like a boss, and pay the loss also like one... (shit. what kind of a dumbass is this??)

more example: like that news mah ti grilled... grilled grilled grilled but never get cooked... I think they've used water ... instead of Fire(!) ... this one also need to be teach how to get it done properly...

--- Deck Card; Continues (info) ---

So; I ain't win yet just because that sob 'wait, i want to go to the toilet' tactic... mine! (Refer previous post, related.)

Not that I don't know he gonna do that (copycat), but he's such a pitiful sight... that had me consumed(!) to just let him flee be... gone! Which; a flaw... never even crossed my mind he gonna use another! (na na nah! - can't catch me crap. ... this too; refer another: post related).

also known by its popular name: 'Police Sentri Want to Jaga...'

--- Even More Pitiful ---

After bail in bail out by the million$ - he craplessly whinned about financial difficulties, struggle. ... and put on his naturally born status: setting-up a donation box... Tabong! another... Always. (if u still fall for this; just consider yourself; not worth the living...)

Yayasan, Derma, Tabong! and the biawaks; hidup. (That's more important to them than the Rakyat, Country. alllllways.) That is why the German (D Day audio) have said: 'if the war is to defend all those; certainly it might have been... for nothing'.

the Boss, personally.