Ladies and Gentlemen. (My Queen especially). Finally, fakebook have fallen total afraid. In other words; I will not be there anymore. (they’ve blocked me.) Also mean: You Win again…

So, don’t worry baby, honey, lovely. Maybe it’s Better that way. (To really steps on the Real world, and they never gonna know a thing…) Take care. Don’t ever think and thought about anything that I’ve told you about. (here, in heart.) I’ll made it to you. (Always…)
— Suggestion and info —

  • to make all the site: a history point. (Stop there. Don’ t touch.) Including this one.
  • any work hereafter, continued at this page (to those interest, to know): Post Info
  • This book directly in front of me, as I’m to about to close post (complete).
  • (the upper-right corner read: Smooth.)
  • (as usual: I don’t made this up…) Only noticed after finishes all the writing (statement above). And: switch off.
  • … (to then) switch on again, just to put this picture. (to be exact.) the book-stop info.
  • below the 3 kids playing (picture), it red; childhood memories.
That way, please
in relax
Yes. How may I help?
Personal (Accessories).
a Lad
Patient Section → Psycho’advice. Pronounce ☛ sick advice (treatment).
☘ Re-Awakening!
Tyrant_in_Track_us → once upon a time, long time ago.

✏ Synopsis: … on the track of her once, mighty Lover. (No One.. escape: Me.)
Now(!) when reawaken; find that → she is Not: the … But(!)… as . And not just that(!) → besides: there are Two(!) with Her: in the Middle.
wall art
⚒ The Walk-through.
art persona
(category) q_made (series): in Secrecy!
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Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Cuaca hari ini
October 19, 2019, 1:26 pm

Partly sunny
real feel: 40°C
current pressure: 1010 mb
humidity: 66%
wind speed: 4 km/h N
wind gusts: 4 km/h
sunrise: 6:57 am
sunset: 7:00 pm
Forecast October 20, 2019


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loyalty Dedicate to Farid.
Always in memory (arwah) T.U.D.M (Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia), Foreman (car & motorcycle, computer hardware), Sasterawan, & a Loving son.