I wish… These are happy times. And we all be together; fly away from all the troubled days… and venture into the happiness, as though we earned it… convinced those troubled days; are sealed off; for good.


Earned is a word not so easy; granted. And if we are to be in happiness along with curiosity about the troubled days are still going to haunt us, then that is Not: what You and I needed. (it’s like living live happy on borrowed times. And after what we’ve been through, We Both know: that certainly not worth it.)

I am not looking for new things. Although a bit quite, I am who I am; still holding on to my Words. For You. For Us. If anything new came up, then I’ll just have to politely decline… since what matters is what I’ve already spoke of and promises. (Breaking it, like breaking Myself. Apart. And I don’t want that.)

I have to wait. Recuperating. I need that. After all these years, only recently I realized how bad it is I neglected My own health. This is probably the 1st time in life, I’m paying attention for recovery. (Everybody need this kind of self-attention once in a life time). And trust Me, because I care, I’m doing it. I wanted you to see, what you want to see… (Mom already start saying; ‘oh, you look… different’. Followed with excitedly buy health food / products; encouraging Me to keep it up.)

This Good Look (let say if it is); are not for any other purpose. It was meant: for You.

So please, hold on.


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