A song that carries deep message. (Lyrical info)

— Regarding the Trauma post, adrs fb —

It started with tune-in for work, following the spontaneous met with long time Crew (refer p&d fb), also a friend. Bringing up strategies that does not included in the planned list. Excitement felt due to past experience, where he play a major role (as Contributor) in keeping P&D section work’in handy plus stabilized.

Minutes later, (arrived home); a distracted from work is all that left… for tonight. (Case: Fireman. If I’m not up to the call; who else; for the family, grieving? And this respond came after several issue; kept silence.)

Notes: however, this is not a complaint. Rather a counter-measurement; for humanity. (probably some mumbling too, due to sudden take-over; from work thinking – to case responsive. Still; work can continue later.)
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