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from Chamber Persona’ (a Sealed Msg):

“You have your Orders. Carry them out.”

(As for Me, I’m just doing what I have; to do. And; you like it or not, there’s only One: True Me. Legitimate. Descendant.)

— Additional —

Notes: jika nak dilayan semua iri hati dan dengki, takkan disiap kerja jadinya. (Biar. Sesiapa yg bertetap nak ngikut pelesap $Billion – bawak lari ke luar, kemudian tenggelam sana sini ditelan bumi, maka dipersilakan. Pilihan sendiri. Do you not remember? People tend to forget, easily; naturally.)

If I am to entertain all those that shake the hands of the devil, then it will be all-for-nothing. If you think menjadi ‘Layu’ is the will of the God, then it is you (thinking such). You already have your Prophet and Koran. And I’m Not into any changes; in terms to that. Now, if you excuse Me, I have other matters to attend to.

Persona’ Remind: No changes (Never) upon the Legitimate Queen(s) as prescript (P,R,Q).

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