Semasa menjalani Outdoors activity (tugasan), beberapa perkara sempat diberi perhatian (take note).

  • harga kerang kini mencecah RM18 sekilo di market besar (superkinta). Berpandukan list pembelian lepas, itu suatu kenaikan $ luarbiasa. Tiada tawar-menawar. Penjual rata2 not in the mood.
  • Persekitaran & Jalanan; agak kosong. (Streets are of bit empty.) Ramai memilih untuk indoors.
  • Tidak diketahui apakah warna oren-kekuningan dalam gambar tersebut. (Juga; stripe merah di tengah2 tu.) Tidak mustahil macam2 ‘benda’ boleh muncul di kala cuaca meningkat ke kadar: Extreme, hot. Oleh itu, tiada apa nak dihairankan kalau di waktu malam, ter-snap-shot pic ‘benda’ lain pula…

Peruntukkan masa diberi untuk bersikap tenang, relax & steady. Berhati2, lebih teliti (serta matang) dalam pengendalian urusan; kali ini (berbisnes). Kisah lalu menyaksikan anger (amarah) dan tergesa-gesa tahap Extreme – diakhirnya membawa kepada padah dari Puncak, ke ‘The Fallen!’

…version 2nd
Full pic. coverage.

After all… how it is Not to become; Someone who I truly am(?)


“am I dead yet?”

Assistant Online: ‘Nooo.’

— A Direct Hit. (bulls-eye!)

(okay, I admit; that broken english conversation: You Nail Me! Damn shame; I speak like a mad horse! … in panic try to find way to cut the crap – end conversation. … Why didn’t you hung up? … oh I see; you’re enjoying that, huh?)


Untuk tidak membuatkan keadaan menjadi keliru, method (kaedah) Step by Step terpaksa digunakan. Memastikan urusan WebSite (domain) yg dimiliki, selesai terlebih dahulu. Skop:

  • Transfer. (kepada host yg peka dengan urusan Security serta kehendak web masakini.)
  • New Site. (E-Commerce, tight security bagi memastikan segala urusan: selamat terutama Kewangan.)
  • Old Site. (apabila membuat pesanan, urusan pembayaran akan dialih / direct kepada New Site.)

Selesai fasa 1 ini, baru fasa 2 akan dibentangkan.

Notes: fasa ini bertujuan untuk menghapus Confusion di setiap kali memikirkan: bagaimana serta apakah method sesuai untuk menangani site grade lama?

Kesimpulan: Old Site akan dibiar classic, sebagaimana asal. Segala pembaharuan dan modifikasi (sistem, ubahsuai, implementasi, kemaskini, dsb) akan di-Praktikal terhadap New Site. Ringkas: 1 Site (New) dengan integrasi (connect) semua site lama (Old).

(Dengan itu; old problem rendered useless. Diketepi. Masuk ke Written-Off category, termasuk problem FTP yg disebut.)


For years and years…

‘I am Not Him.’

for how many more? when all the while; you know

You’re Him.

— Some Realm Basis, knowledge —

(You know that Being; the Ancient Guardian, or commonly known as CD. Its inheritance based on trail & traced Ancestry. For only the Legal; Descendant. In Malay: turut keturunan.)

of King & Queen, Ratu, Permaisury. (written; in subjected to)

Nervous Breakdown! (Too many work. … need to adapt. Evade try to tackle all at once.)

But overall, everything is Ok. (This time is different; work action required.)

(walaubagaimana pun, segalanya berjalan lancar. Baik. Just hold on.)

Trying hard, concentrate; work part. (Each is massive but almost everything near complete. Only the ‘smooth’ things up seem to be the obstacle.)

Other than that; everything’s fine.


Fokus terhadap kerja. Selain tu, segalanya smooth and steady. (Semua hasil kerja ‘berat2’ belaka. Bila teliti, sudah hampir siap semuanya. Yg jadi masalahnya nak susun kemas, buatkan ready; up-front.)


of course includes You. (Tempat / website ni nak lari dari spot light.
tak perlu lagi nak ramai tau. Penting; work get done.

Also; this place khas utk yg tertentu sahaja, special (persona’)


Bugging Me… (when to think of it) History — in editing

First of all, I want to strongly state: this is only just
from a personal point of view. (But if you care to study,
it almost certainly a fact.)

— the meaning of: Do it More. Lose it All. —

by the time germany was stucked at the gate of moscow, the
japanese then decided to launch an attack on america (pearl
harbor), because they think it is about time their ally
(germany) needed an assistance (help). To drive away one of
the super power away to ease the burden germany were facing
at the time.

but then(!); hitler declared war on america! This is a
truly bugging thing to think about. Your army just barely
escape catastrophe, and there you are; instead of figure
out ways how to appreciate the situation the Japanese just
given, use it at best on how to ease the catastrophe your
army facing, you added some more…!

This clearly shown; nothing got to do with any strategic
move or thinking, but just some kid play… (overcome by
egoistic maniac, self delusion.)

In short: you already know you are facing defeat. When your
allies generously gave some help, you don’t even bother to
think about how to appreciate their sacrifices. Why not you
think; the Japanese already have major power burden with
(war with big china and british. added america = 3 big
power they got to handle!) how come you expect they’re
going to support some more with your personal Russia??!

Clearly you are not a team player. If you are, that’s why I
say; you should appreciate your allies. Instead of hoping
more from them, why not in return, think of a strategically
way to help them ease their burden??

In my point of perspective; this is where the actual ‘we
have lost the war!’ came to view. (It started there.) This
is where the actual disappointment plucked in sudden!

(If you work your way with the Japanese, maybe the hope to
achieve more; still can become a reality. After this was
blew it, from there; everything are just delusional. Sticked
with ‘the war is Lost.’ Nevermind about stalingrad or
manstein failed attempt… without care to consider
yourself as a team player; no matter how good and how
strong you are; you are at Lost….. that’s all.)

But then; fate have its own way to decide. Because I
understand this; you must take into account why I said; just
from my point of view. I’m not to blame anyone, or in any
way to protest what’ve already happen (recorded) in

Overall (sigh), it all came to this; a clear example
of what to be called:

“Do it More. Lose it: All.”

When you already have it all, and then you still want some MORE,
you will simply; Lose it: ALL.)

(extra’s: After you have conquered Europe, nicely,
you still want some MORE… by invading Russia…
at the time clearly seen wanted to evade any
confrontation at all cost… with you.

But personal greed, always find its way…
… and the cost for this (for those who followed /
allowed this); clearly the same. Suffer the
same fate:




But then; you should know; why this article written for…(?)

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