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Yes. 2011 opening up. So far, my daily income to spent freely without any string attached; RM60! Depends. Yesterday alone was RM130, and today is RM90. (RM60 is for a safe par so that I don’t have to explain how much the figure for each day.) I also earns from my main business which gives me steady income of RM2,200 per month minus the ‘roll-up’ capital for maintaining the business.

Show off here? Nah…for me, that kind of income is enough for a guy like me; who’s kept his profile as low as possible. Means; I don’t get involve in something that I have to take debt on my shoulder for years to come. I don’t give a damn about some highly expensive car if only to pay for the front end, and then get sweated filling up its gas. Of course if I’m to attach to the beautiness of world; then sure RM60 per day couldn’t take me anywhere except for a cup of coffee…

Well, most people are not me. I’ve met LOTs who throwing away hundreds a day and still can’t afford to have a decent motorcycle for the sake of easy transport. Generally, there are two kinds as described: the one who spent on debt (buying classy things to make themselves looks good) and the other; who can’t control their addicted to drug habits. It is not the expertise or effort of finding and making money that make them stuck, but the the poor money management skill they lacked. That’s all. Most of them won’t listen and give a damn about how to manage their income for their own good. Every advice given is just like spitting into the gutter.

So, hundreds a day won’t save your ass if you have desire so high kicking your own butt stumble down hard becoming its slaves. How to do that? Neglecting your desire and save your ass? Truthfully; I don’t know…So far, I’ve manage to work my way out by earning a decent enough income to fulfill mine (the one that I can afford only). Cheers!

PS: Seriously; both picture; Acer Aspire Notebook and the Acer Touch Screen, are mine. What kind of computer would you want more if you’ve been in the computer related business field? (Ok. Mac. Apple Macintosh. It is only because it’s not available at the time I want to buy – so, I’ve replaced it with my old time favorite; Acer expensive!) – and both equipped with original virus protection from Avira and original CuteFTP from GlobalScape (files transfer program, which FileZilla act as the main choice if come out with free). And both make me love my computers even more! Next: a NEW car!

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Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Cuaca hari ini
July 20, 2019, 9:29 am

Mostly cloudy
real feel: 32°C
current pressure: 1010 mb
humidity: 78%
wind speed: 11 km/h SE
wind gusts: 11 km/h
sunrise: 7:12 am
sunset: 7:28 pm
Forecast July 21, 2019


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